Is It the Fault of God, If Any Should Perish?

Is it the fault of God, if any should perish? Doubtless no; nor yet in His act of eternal reprobation neither: it is grace that saveth the elect, but sin that damns the rest: it is superabundant grace that causeth the elect to close with the tenders (or considerations) of life, and live; and it is the superaboundings of sin that holds off the reprobate from the rational, necessary, and absolute tenders of grace.

John Bunyan


To seek to be justified by the works of the law is to reject the grace of God. But I pray you, what sin can be more execrable (detestable and revolting) or horrible, than to reject the grace of God, to refuse that righteousness which cometh by Christ? It is enough and too much already, that we are wicked sinners and transgressors of all the commandments of God; and yet we commit moreover the most execrable sin of all sins, in that we do most contemptuously refuse the grace of God and remission of sins offered unto us by Christ. This blasphemy is more horrible than can be expressed. There is no sin which Paul and the other apostles did so much detest, as the contempt of grace, and denial of Christ, and yet there is no sin more common.

Martin Luther

II Timothy 2:17-20

Paul, writing about two men, Hymenaeus and Philetus, who concerning the truth had erred, declared, "nevertheless, the foundation of God standeth sure ... the Lord knoweth them that are his."

It grieves all believers to see those who have made a profession of faith in Christ, who have indicated that they believed His word and loved the Lord Jesus, who have even preached, taught the word, and been faithful for a time, to fall away from grace, the gospel, and church fellowship. However, while we grieve for them and others whom they influence, we ought not to be amazed or unduly shaken; for our Lord warned of tares among the wheat, of branches that bear no fruit, and of false teachers among the true.

"In a great house," Paul continues, "there are not only vessels of gold and of silver, but also vessels of wood and earth; some to honor and some to dishonor (or some to other uses)." So, in the church there are men and women who faithfully reflect the grace and honor of Christ all their lives, chosen vessels of pure gold. There are others who will be used of God to accomplish His purpose even in their unfaithfulness. Both MOSES and PHARAOH were raised up to accomplish His purpose. O, by his grace, to be a vessel of honor!

Pastor Henry Mahan