The Believer's Love for Christ


Whom should we love, if not him who loved us, and gave himself for us? If the bliss even of angels and glorified souls, consists greatly in seeing, and praising, the Son of God; surely, to love, to trust, and to celebrate the friend of sinners, must be a principal ingredient in the happiness of saints not yet made perfect. Solomon, whose experience of grace was lively and triumphant when he wrote the Song of Songs, declares in the fifth chapter, "that Christ is altogether lovely" (5:16). Other objects may be overrated, and too highly esteemed; but so transcendent, so infinite, is the excellency of Christ, that he is, and will be to all eternity, more lovely than beloved. Yet, though all the love possible for saints and angels to show, falls, and will always fall, infinitely short of the Saviour's due: still it is a blessed privilege, to love him at all, though in ever so faint a manner, and in ever so low a degree. They, that love him at all, wish to love him more: and more and more they shall love him, through the ages of endless duration, in heaven, where they shall be like him, and see him as he is.

Augustus Toplady

Honoring Christ Honors His People

When Mary of Bethany anointed the Lord with her costly ointment, it was for Him and Him alone that she did it. However, the Scriptures tell us that the perfume filled the room, and all who were there were blessed and privileged to enjoy the lovely fragrance. So it is with any service done for the love, honor, and glory of Christ; it benefits all of God's people.

Pastor Joe Terrell