Psalm 86:1 "Bow down thine ear, O Lord, hear me: for I am poor and needy."

O Lord most Holy, the highest above all. O Lord, my righteousness. My preserver. The one who makes my soul rejoice. The Lord of loving kindness—ready to forgive—plenteous in mercy unto all those who call upon him. You who alone is God and there is none else. The one who shall receive glory from all the nations whom you have made, come low and hear my humble cry. The great God of wondrous things—my Teacher, my Deliverer, full of compassion and grace, longsuffering and plenteous in mercy and truth—O Lord, condescend to hear me. Stoop to the dust where I am to give attention to this voice of pleading. Hear your servant who is nothing, needing everything in you—poor beyond measure, needy beyond degree. If you do not show mercy then none shall be shown for the proud are risen against me. A cruel, ruthless mob of evil seeks after my soul. If you do not preserve me then surely I shall be lost. If you do not strengthen me then am I certain to perish. What grace! That I would call on you in the day of my trouble. What compassion! That you will answer.

Clay Curtis