O the Depth!

Romans 11:33 "O the depth of the riches! Both of the wisdom and knowledge of God."

How often does the believer stand on the shoreline of understanding marveling at the wisdom and knowledge of God as at a deep ocean with neither beginning nor end! He is the only God, the being from which all things consist. Consider His determinate council and foreknowledge-knowing the end from the beginning with all fullness and providing every means to reach that end. He is a solitary God for His council stands alone. The wise, knowledgeable God is sovereign for He rules in the heavens and upon the earth and none can question Him. He is a longsuffering God withholding judgement upon the vessels of wrath until His appointed day as well as waiting until the hour when each of His redeemed children are made alive by His quickening power. The God of glory is ever merciful, delighting to withhold the just due of all His elect while at the same time He is a God full of grace, showering His chosen with everything that they never deserved. The Lord God is just in providing the scapegoat upon whom His justice is satisfied. What a righteous God, holy and unapproachable by the filthy garments worn by undone sinners. He is a Father who rules His house with a sure hand whose bride is sure to praise Him, whose children rejoice to gather at His table. There is no end to the honor due Him for He makes the poor rich with pearls of great price. To those who are hungry is the very bread of life, to those who are thirsty he is the living water, to all who long to be clothed in righteousness He is our robe of white linen. The electing God, the redeeming God, the quickening God is He. O the depth of the riches! Both of the wisdom and knowledge of God. What an unspeakable blessing to know Him!

Clay Curts