Poor Man's Commentary and Concordance of the Old and New Testament

by Robert Hawker

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Please read all these instructions before beginning the download!

This page was created in advance of the republication of the subject Commentary and Concordance to allow download and immediate use of these valuable works. The individual files represent only scans of pages from the original manuscripts (i.e. "pictures" of the pages). As a result, the total size of this download is 817 MB -- make sure you have sufficient hard drive space before beginning the download!

Please do not attempt this download unless you have a wideband connection. Have a friend to download it if you do not have a wideband connection. It is estimated that the complete download will take about one hour on a typical wideband connection.  (On a typical dialup connection, the download would take 6 - 7 hours).

The reference must be downloaded one file at a time. This allows you to download a little at a time (plus take a burden off my server!). In advance of downloading these files, create a permanent folder of appropriate name. Download all files to this folder.

As you download the files, you may begin using the reference. You can open each file independently.  After all files are downloaded, opening "Index.pdf" will open an index page for all works. Use the bookmarks on the left side of the screen to access any book or other reference.

To download a file, click on one of the download links below. After the page loads, right-click on the file you want to download and select "Save Target As". When the "Save As" dialog opens, navigate to the permanent folder you created earlier, then click "Save".

If you have any questions, write the webmaster. His email address may be found here.

Thanks to Bro. Larry Brown for creating and bookmarking these works.

Download Old Testament and Index Files
Download New Testament Files
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