Christ Is All

Christ is All

I stood beside a dying bed
Where lay a man with aching head;
He was waiting for God to call.
I marked his smile, 'twas sweet as May
And as his spirit passed away,
He whispered Christ is all.


Christ is all,
Yes, He's all in all.
Christ is all in all.

I saw that missionary go
To island sand and Greenland snow.
For he heard his Master's call
Nor home nor life he counted dear.
Midst wants and perils he owned no fear.
For he knew that Christ is all.

I dreamed that hoary time had fled
And earth and sea gave up their dead,
And a fire dissolved this ball.
I saw the church's ransomed throng;
I heard the burden of their song.
They were singing Christ is all.

So come to Christ, O come today.
The Father, Son and Spirit say.
The bride repeats the call.
For He can cleanse your guilty stains;
His love will soothe your weary pains,
For Christ is all in all.