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  • To exactly match a phrase, the search phrase should be placed in quotation marks, otherwise every instance of the every word will be found. Example: "glory of God" will find every instance where the exact phrase "glory of God" appears.
  • To find more than one word on a page, not necessarily grouped together in a phrase, use the operator AND without quotation marks. Example: glory AND God will find every page where both the word glory and God appears. This is helpful when you cannot remember an exact phrase. More than two words can be found with the AND operator (e.g. glory AND God AND Christ).
  • Do not use words like "the" or "a" as part of a search phrase unless they are part of an exact phrase match.
  • The Search application will not find general concepts such as "sermon outlines only". Only words or phrases that can actually be found in the text of the website will be found.
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Searching the Sermons and Tapes Database

To search the Sermons and Tapes database, go to the Sermons and Tapes page, click on any one of the search lists, and let the page load. Next, click on either the binocular icon, or select "Tools", "Find". In either case, an Acrobat Find window will appear. Type in your search criteria and click "Find". To find each instance of the found item, continue to select the binocular icon/"Find Again" (or "Tools", "Find Again") until all desired items are found.

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